TI11 to be held ‘tentatively’ from October 15 – 30th?

EsportsHeaven 2022-05-29 12:00:23
  TI11 is 'tentatively' going to be held from October 15 - 30th later this year in Singapore. According to rumours surfacing on Reddit, this year's TI is going to be the longest run event. If true, then TI11 will surpass all preceding TI's in regards to the duration of the event held. The crown jewel event, The International, is nothing short of a celebration. Gamers and fans from all over the world yearn to attend the mega event to support their region/teams. This year the event heads to South East Asia with Singapore being the host country. It will be held at the Suntec Arena, having the capacity of host thousands of spectators. The International Dota 2 Championships holds the record of boasting the highest prize money in esports. Last year, TI boasted of $40M+ in prize money alone, with Team Spirit emerging as the eventual victors.
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