TI12 SEA Qualifiers: Teams, Schedule, Format, Dates

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TI12's regionals are kicking off in less than three days with SEA's Qualifier. One team will be joining Talon Esports to complete the Southeast Asia (SEA) representation at Dota's biggest tournament of the year -- The International 2023.  

SEA Qualifiers Teams

  TI12's SEA Qualifiers has 13 teams competing for a single qualification slot. Those are:
  • Execration - Unpredictable and inconsistent but highly lethal.
  • Bleed Esports - Addition of iceiceice and DJ is a deadly combination to face against
  • Blacklist International - They entered the Dota 2 scene with a bang but have been struggling to make an impact or cement their place in the circuit.
  • Team SMG - The first DPC season went well for Team SMG but haven't been able to replicate the same performance since then. Still a difficult opponent to face against.
  • Geek Fam - They are the geeks. Extremely stubborn and don't give up until the last minute.
  • Army Geniuses - Still trying to perform up to their level.
  • BOOM Esports - Last year's SEA torch bearers at TI have completely collapsed during this year's DPC SEA season. Can they find their groove?
  • Neon Esports - The dark horse.
  • Made in Philippines - Still a long way to go.
  • Myth Avenue Gaming - Still a long way to go.
  • Spawn Team - Still a long way to go.
  • UD Vessuwan - Still a long way to go.
  • Vision - Still a long way to go.
Phew. There's a lot of competition with Team SMG, BOOM Esports, Bleed Esports, Geek Fam, Execration, etc. in the mix. It's going to be entirely a different ball game to see who punches the last ticket to TI12.  


  This regional qualifier will take place between the 27th and 31st of August. Since all series are BO3 (with the exception of a single match), it should take between 2 and 3 hours for a single series to be completed. The lower-bracket Final and Grand Final will be played on the 31st of August, thus determining the final SEA representative at TI12.  

SEA Qualifiers Format

  ti12 sea qualifiers

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TI12's SEA Qualifiers is a double-elimination bracket. All matches are BO3 series with the exception of the Grand Finals (BO5) and the lower-bracket match between UD Vessuwan and Spawn Team (BO1). Teams were seeded into their respective placements in the bracket through DPC rankings and best finishes at the final tour of the regional DPC. Since SEA's qualifier only grants the region one slot, the Grand Final will decide who make it to Seattle for The International 2023.
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