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TI9 Fantasy Guide

TI9 Fantasy Guide: Day Eight, by a top guesser

KarY 2019-08-22 05:02:15
  TI9 Fantasy Guide: Day Eight, by a top guesser   You also stand a chance to win up to $5, 000, 000 in our official coverage partner -- Estars' Free to Play contests! So hurry up and check out their website for more info. Day four of the playoffs and this could very well be a make or break day for everyone. There are three best-of-three's today but with the caveat that one team will play two series. It's going to be difficult to judge as to which team will play the second series but it'll be between Royal Never Give Up and Team Liquid. Both teams are coming off a clean sweep against their opponents and look to be in the best form they've been in all tournament. On top of that Royal never give up and Team Liquid have not played each other in the past. There's a lot of risk going all in on one team for a fantasy day especially if that team were to get swept in their first series. I think today it's kind of play it safe and so we will try to diversify a bit. Let us take a look at the stats of those two teams: Team Liquid: Miracle (15.5) W33 (13.5) Mind Control (10.5) Gh (14.1) Kuroky (15.5) Royal Never Give Up: Monet (13.8) Setsu (13.1) Flyby (9.7) LaNm (12.2) Ah Fu (15.5) For an even more updated view visit here. It'll give you a more in depth look at how each player is doing that day in terms of fantasy points. MY PICKS FOR DAY EIGHT! Today's going to be a tough day of picks to make because of trying to predict which team will play two series. Although that doesn't mean that those players will automatically score the highest. I'm going to potentially mix the two teams that have the possibility to play two series as well as some players from Evil Geniuses. For my core slots, I am going for Miracle- and Arteezy. My strategy for today is to play it safe and I think I can do so by mixing Miracle who can potentially play two Series as well as a high-scoring Arteezy. This way if liquid are to be eliminated by Royal Never Give Up I can rely on Arteezy to score us some points. It also has the potential for a pay off if Liquid win their series and we get Miracle playing in both. I think this is a better call than playing Monet who is scoring well on average in place of Arteezy. For mid, I am going with Sumail who is still putting up major points and I trust him more than I trust the two mids who could potentially play two series today. Despite losing to OG, Sumail ended up putting up some great points for us. I think playing it safe here with Sumail is the right call as I'd rather stay away from being in an all-or-nothing situation. Finally for my support picks, I'm going with the points generator Kuroky and Fly. I think the strategy is a little bit more of the same with these two picks as I have more faith in Liquid to win their series than I do in Royal Never Give Up. That being said I still want to have some padding on in EG player who I know is putting up points for us in Fly. I don't think this is too high-risk but it does pay out well in the end. Line up for tomorrow is: Arteezy Miracle SumaiL Fly Kuroky If you are looking for some alternatives I would suggest Puppey and W33. In the meantime, check out our interviews from TI9 below: Zai interview Jerax interview GH interview Ame interview
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