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Day Nine

TI9 Fantasy Guide: Day Nine, by a top guesser

KarY 2019-08-23 06:15:09 [Sassy_Social_Share]
  TI9 Fantasy Guide: Day Nine, by a top guesser   You also stand a chance to win up to $5, 000, 000 in our official coverage partner -- Estars' Free to Play contests! So hurry up and check out their website for more info. Day five of the playoffs are here and it is time to take what we learnt from yesterday and apply it to our picks today. If you told me Liquid was going to 2- 0 both their opponents yesterday, I would have called you crazy while I thought it was possible they would win but I didn't think they would do it in such an amazing fashion. I guess that's on me. So using what we learn from yesterday, I think we're going to go all in on the team I believe is going to win the first series between Vici Gaming and Team Secret. So let's take a look at the stats of those two teams. Team Secret:             Nisha (15.6)             MidOne (14.5)             Zai (12.3)             Yapzor (15.6)             Puppey (16.9)   Vici Gaming:             Paparazi (17.2)             Ori (17.1)             Yang (13)             Fade (13.2)             Dy (20.5) For an even more updated view visit here. It'll give you a more in depth look at how each player is doing that day in terms of fantasy points. MY PICKS FOR DAY 9! Today's going to be a big gamble because personally I think Vici gaming is going to beat Team secret and play a second series. So going all-in on Vici players who have put up some serious points has a high reward but it also throw us back quite a bit. It does feel bad to miss out on some points from yesterday after playing it a bit safe where playing all of Team Liquid would have put us in a much better spot. So the write up on this will be a touch different as going with all Vici means I am going Paparazi, Ori, Yang, Fade, & Dy. Losing to LGD was really the first stumble for Vici and I don’t think they are going to drop to Team Secret. In their previous meeting Vici took the series and beat Secret 2-1 but obviously The International is its own beast entirely. Throughout the tournament Vici have looked crisp and it's always the match-ups between Chinese teams that can derail a good run. LGD and Vici know each other and play with each other quite often in DPL and other leagues constantly running, so it is never too much of a shock to see the favored team fall in these match-ups. That being said if you think Secret will beat Vici you should swap the lineups but my personal choice is Vici. So our lineup is as follows: Paparazi Yang Ori Fade Dy In the meantime, you can read our Paparazi interview that we did at TI9.
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