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Tweets of the Week ft. donation drives, weaponized hand warmers, and cosplay?

Volamel 2019-04-14 09:21:14
  Stage 2 of Overwatch League’s second season well underway and while things have not been too crazy in terms of results, the community just keeps swinging with some of the spiciest tweets I’ve seen in a while. In this weeks batch, we’ve got Bren and Sideshow doing a bit of cosplay, weaponized hand warmers and a whole lot of shade being thrown.   These are your tweets of the week for the week of April 8th.

Donation Drive

Flame jokingly posed a challenge to competitive subreddit; make an Overwatch League team based on upvotes alone. I’m just saying, there was a collegiate team in a certain someone’s power rankings not too long ago--can’t be too hard.    

Storm Rising?

  Oh...this isn’t an HD Remake of Red Orchestra? Well now, that’s a shame. I suppose lore is cool.    

Weapons of Mass Induction

  It’s official, hand warmers have officially been weaponized. Poko of the Philadelphia Fusion has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly heating object.    


  Bren and Sideshow are up to there usual antics--this time it includes possible leg waxing and pleated skirts. Won’t speak for everyone, but I’m glad to have the wonder twins back in action.    

The Collective

  This is what happens when you poke the bear. P.S: this tweet also ended up on Reddit.    


  Note to self: stay on hexagram’s good side to avoid being charbroiled on social media.    


  Danny Lim? A black turtle neck, a fanny pack, and some gold chains. Gaining the blueprints to an amazing and memorable moment? Priceless.    

Grandma’s Love

  No banter here. Just some wholesome content to brighten your day.      

Pot Meet Kettle

  This tweet is straight fire, but seeing how it also comes from a team that boasts an unsuccessful mixed roster--makes it even funnier.    

GM’s Gone Wild

  Pretty lame to hear that players are allegedly getting toasted in Twitch chat by Overwatch League general managers. Don’t they have emails to read?  

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