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Tweets of the Week ft. Sandbags, neptuNo, birdring, and more!

EsportsHeaven 2018-07-20 02:46:18
  While the Overwatch League playoffs have been in full swing, this has not stopped the Overwatch scene’s Twitter game from being as chipper as ever. We’ve got anime, we’ve got memes, we’ve got Void picking up Bishcu and spanking him. WE’VE GOT IT ALL. Stay awhile, and listen to some of the top tweets from the last week-or-so from Overwatch pros, caster, and other community figures. Enjoy! The power of god and anime … While you question their choice in anime, you’ve got to wonder; why is their TV on the floor?! Put me in coach Despite being ill, and having a kidney stone, neptuNo still managed to help the Philadelphia Fusion topple the Boston Uprising. Sandbags [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] On July, 18th, 2018, six hooded boys robbed a man’s home. Their target; sandbags. More at 11pm. Too cute to eat Dragons Hiring After their disappointing season, the Shanghai Dragons are quick to start their rebuild as they look for a new head coach, assistant coach, data analyst, and Korean translator. Void SMASH Analynn is right, careful Void you might drop silkthread on his silkhead and then he might be silkdead. RIP silkted. 1 like for 1 prayer Shred When Talespin isn’t on the server dishing out justice from above, he’s quite the musician. Gladplane.jpg Susie Kim, esports mom and GM to the London Spitfire, coming in hot with the banter as she has a gift for Noah Winston and the Valiant. Dear Dad, Who is cuter than birdring interacting with Seagull? Nobody. Philly Concept I can’t lie, I kinda like their concept art. What do you think?

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