Valorant Act II Statistics, Jett and Sage on top

Aashir Ahmed 2020-10-14 03:26:27
  We are approaching the third act of Valorant, and over the past week, Riot Games have released a series of infographics highlighting the usage percentage of certain items, Agents and Weapons for each region. This article will try to cover all the data released by Valorant and predict why those choices were preferred over their counterparts.

Most picked agents:

Because of its agents and special skills, Valorant is much more than just a simple FPS game. The play agents are ranked according to their roles. Players chose their agents based on their personal choice and squad criteria. Two of the most-picked agents in the game from many server regions have been revealed recently by Valorant's Twitter and they are none other than a duelist: Jett, and a healer: Sage.  


Valorant In the United States, Korea and Turkey, Jett was the most popular choice.  At present, she is the only agent with immediate mobility in Valorant. Other Agents like Omen and Raze are mobile but need time to use their abilities.  Jett will react and jump up instantly, which gives her an immense advantage in terms of positioning and duels. Furthermore, her smokes help her to inhibit enemy vision as well as to isolate angles. Jett's ultimate, Blade Storm, requires six points and grants her the power to yield five daggers. These daggers are very precise and can be thrown in bursts of one or two. After killing an opponent, they restore making them a lethal ability especially for players with great shot accuracy.


Valorant In Mexico, Brazil and Russia, Sage was the most popular value agent. She is the only agent that can heal allies at this time. Her Barrier Orb and her power to Slow Orb also provide her with efficient site management resources. She is one of the only agents to be in the S-tier in ESH’s ranked Agent list back in August.  Her ultimate, Sage's Resurrect, is one of its kind currently in the game and is extremely useful.  Bringing a dead teammate can turn the entire match around. For example, if your team's best player has fallen due to being attacked by the opposite team at once, bringing him back can provide you with the upper hand.  Though Sage's healing and Boundary Orb have been the victim of several nerfs deployed by Riot, the effectiveness of her ultimate hasn't yet subsided.  

Ultimate abilities:

In the previous section, we’ve witnessed how certain Agents have dominated various regions. However, the numbers tell a different story when it comes to the ultimate skill. Unlike those in the store, the overall skill of any agent charges over time as they accumulate match points. Players can also collect orbs which spawn in each round at the disputed areas of the map. These orbs allow players to charge their ultimate quicker. The most used Ultimate Abilities were Run It Back (Phoenix) in the USA, Showstopper (Raze), and Bladestorm (Jett) in the rest of the world. 


Jett is now one of Valorant's most successful agents because she suits her duelist role best. One of the most used metas in the game is the Operator-Jett mix, and her ultimate Bladestorm makes up a great part of that strategy. Jett equips multiple lethal throwing knives with her ultimate, which do mild damage and can eliminate upon headshots. Daggers are restored by scoring a kill. Depending upon which button you click, a single dagger will be tossed or throws a short-range blast of all the remaining daggers. The fact that her ability is the most used throughout the world isn’t surprising especially with statistics revealing her to be one of the most popular agents throughout all regions.


Raze is another strong Valorant duelist, and her ultimate ability attracts many players, particularly in Brazil. Raze equips with Showstopper a single-use rocket launcher to one-shot opponents. Damage sustained throughout the explosion radius is consistent. Its popularity is largely due to the damage it can inflict upon contact, particularly useful when the enemy is herding together. Because of its powerful signature and ultimate abilities, the reputation of the agent is facing a gradual increase. 

Run It Back:

The most popular ability used in the USA is Phoenix’s Run It Back. While being different to the rest of the world, Run It Back is an extremely useful and effective ability that can come in clutch in many situations. As VALORANT was officially released in Patch 1.0, Riot made some big improvements to Phoenix, as the agent was underwhelming in beta. It was crucial to his success in providing the duelist with a buff to encourage his usage in the Valorant community. Essentially, the 'Run it Back' ability marks the location of Phoenix. When this skill is active, either dying at the hands of enemies or the end of a set timer will resurrect Phoenix to that marker with complete health, virtually untouched. 

Most used Rifle:

Among the category of statistics shared by Valorant’s twitter handle, the final infographic was about the usage of rifles predominant in each region. Regions around the world were divided upon using Phantom or Vandal. The United States, Mexico, and Korea preferred Phantom, while Russia, Brazil, and Turkey were dominated by Vandal. 


There are no bullet trails left by the Phantom, less recoil and a larger magazine. This makes the weapons easier to use at the risk of dealing with less damage in additional ranges. Given that Valorant’s fanbase consists mostly of beginners, who are not yet experienced in the FPS world weapons such as the Phantom offer a better all-round experience.


The Vandal, reminiscent of AK-47 from CS: GO, fires more slowly, has a smaller magazine and is difficult to control. However, experienced players can eliminate adversaries easily with headshots. Players who use this prefer opting the riskier path but they can reap more benefits if their accuracy is on-point. 
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