Weibo Gaming posts picture of TheShy’s scar

EsportsHeaven 2022-06-24 12:43:00
  TheShy’s team, Weibo Gaming (WBG), posted a photo on social media after their 2-1 win against IG. In that photo, you can see a gigantic scar on TheShy’s right arm (mouse hand). This was the first time ever that the injury the top laner suffered in 2018 was seen on picture.  Weibo It was known that a surgery was needed at the time, but the scar truly shows how serious the injury must’ve been. The injury happened between Spring and Summer Split 2018 and most people think that TheShy never reached his insane peak of that Spring Split due to it. Ever since that year, TheShy has done his best to cover the scar, hiding his arm in photoshoots using a sleeve  or arm band. He hasn’t really mentioned it much, except for an interview done with South Korean media in which he mentions that, at the time, the injury was so serious that doctors said he might not be able to use his right hand at all.  Thankfully he recovered, managed to still look amazing at Worlds 2018, but the community never stopped feeling that the Spring 2018 peak was never reached again. That was likely one of the reasons why TheShy wanted to hide how big the scar is, since this kind of discussion is exactly what happened now that this picture has been circulating. The image seems to have been released as a mistake, since it was deleted and edited before being reposted. This is the edited version:  The discussion has now resurfaced many fans, with many believing that, with a scar that big, TheShy’s performance has likely always been affected. He seems to have made a full recovery though, so this is all speculation.  This sort of thing just shows how good of a player TheShy is. He was the uncontested best Top laner in the world in 2018, is still considered one of the best top laners of all time and most people believe he has the highest individual peak of any player in his role.  Despite all this, people still manage to wonder if he could’ve been even better if he hadn’t gotten injured. His form definitely dipped after 2018, but since joining Weibo he has been looking very close to his glory days’ form.  What do you think? Has this injury held TheShy back?
Images Courtesy of Weibo Gaming. For more League of Legends content, visit our League of Legends hub.

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