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Welcome to the relaunch of Esports Heaven

DreXxiN 2018-06-13 02:32:15
Welcome to Esports Heaven. We’re glad to have you visit the relaunch of our website.   Let us give a little history to preface our promise going forward.  Esports Heaven, as the name might suggest, has been a sanctuary for content creators to make a career out of their work and has supplemented many in their journey into becoming remarkably successful journalists, casters, personalities and more.  We have reported important stories, explored games with great aptitude and in-depth theorycraft — but most importantly, some of the biggest names in esports sprouted from here.  
"Esports Heaven has cultivated and promoted more talent in the field of esports journalism than practically any other site in the modern day. The position of Editor-in-Chief there has long earned its reputation as being occupied by industry veterans with a history of giving newer writers a platform to broadcast their work from and a guiding hand to point them in the right direction. If you can make it at Esports Heaven you're well set-up for a career in esports journalism.”

- Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields

"Esports Heaven was the first website to give me a chance in esports and I’m eternally grateful. Michale was incredibly encouraging about me going after stories, and would frequently pull odd hours to make sure my stories were edited and timely released. I don’t know where my career would be without a platform to give a younger me a chance — and I hope for any young writer, Esports Heaven provides the same opportunity.”

- Jacob Wolf | Staff Writer, esports @ ESPN

"Drexxin is one of the unsung heroes of esports - a true industry leader who has fostered growth and development in countless talents. His work is farther reaching than just his title on a byline and the industry owes some of the greats to him."

-Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black | LPL caster @ Riot Games

“ESH is the perfect place to go if you want to improve as a content creator. They treat everyone very well, have terrific management and take people in of all levels. However, more than that, they can make your dreams come true like they did for me.”

- Adam Baugh | Intern @ Blizzard Entertainment

We feel honesty is the best way to connect with our audience so here goes:

We understand that the “ESPN of esports” is out of our reach.  We don’t plan to “dominate the world” with Esports Heaven. Our vision is simple. We want to ensure that content delivered to our audience is certifiably reliable. By this, we mean that no matter who the source is, every time you load up one of our pages, you’ll know an expert’s eyes has overlooked and verified the information that’s being presented to you. To do this, we hope to have several cogs in the crucial wheel of a knowledge and experience hierarchy, which benefits our readers, but also us internally.  Veterans will be able to teach the industry leaders of tomorrow and also verify their information. Greenhorns will not be intimidated because they’ll always have a watchful and supportive eye. While this sounds grandiose, we do realize that mistakes can happen, and we won’t have a perfectly clean record. But, we know that by sticking with this vision, we’ll be able to rectify any and all obstacles until we are truly an embodiment of our goals. To do this, we’ll need the support of you and that of ambitious freelancers who are hungry to take risks, tell important stories and make controversial approaches — all within the safety net of our overarching infrastructure. As with most independent journalism outlets, it would be overambitious to fund every young and passionate esports individual, and some volunteers may be needed — but know this: You will never leave Esports Heaven empty-handed, whether that be learning more as a reader or developing your skillset as an up-and-comer. We’ve set the standard and have a track record in producing talent, and we look to optimize our ability to do that, breaking new grounds.  Enjoy your stay at Esports Heaven, and thanks for coming.

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