What do the talents have to say about ESL One Malaysia 2022?

EsportsHeaven 2022-08-22 01:24:04
  ESL One Malaysia is truly just around the corner, and we're not the only ones excited.  Here's what the talent surrounding the event have to say about it! Johnxfire "I think the tournament will be a great testing ground for a lot of the teams; it's the last big LAN before Regional Qualifiers and TI itself, and most likely the last tournament on this specific meta depending on when we get our patch, so it should be really competitive!" He went on to clarify about the upcoming ESL One Malaysia event: "Of course, this being a SEA LAN, one would root for the SEA teams! Eyes out for Boom, Talon, and Fnatic, but of course there are no real favorites considering how competitive everyone is to each other at the moment! In a way, this is essentially a mini-TI being in SEA, with a SEA crowd, and a good medley of teams - should be a very good time!" Ninjaboogie "I'm both nervous and excited as this will be a new experience for me. It's great to be back in a tournament environment and looking forward to work with such a talented cast. Since covid hit this is my first time seeing both old and new faces. I believe the tournament will do great and the teams will give the fans a great showing. I will always support SEA teams (Boom & Talon) but i think the two teams to be looking out for will be OG and Aster." MLPDotA "This kind of tournament takes me back to the days before DPC, where we get a super hype line up of fan favorite teams going at it on LAN. You add a SEA crowd to the mix, and it's a recipe for some spicy Dota. In particular I think everyone's curious to see how teams like Nigma and Secret will do back on a LAN setting against some of the top teams in the world. I can almost guarantee it's gonna be an incredible tournament." SeekNStrike "Definitely a few things that are really exciting about [ESL One Malaysia]. It's the last big one before TI Qualifiers, and for this level, perhaps TI itself. You have a lot of teams making roster changes like Alliance and Secret, who will face off later in the TI Qualifiers and even the group stage. If you ask me for a bold prediction, I'd say that NA or SA is going to get a top 3 finish in the tournament. I'm really excited to see what TSM learned in Riyadh as a team, but also what 4/5 of them learned in Texas as standings. Second LAN with Reso in Secret, and that really excited me last time. I wanna see how aster will fare, seeing as they're 3rd in Arlington, they might be the favorites heading into the tournament." Fluke "I feel so honored to be back on Dota 2 once again for my third ESL One. I am super excited for this tournament to play out as it is basically a prelude to the regional qualifiers for TI. Team Liquid, Team Secret, Nigma Galaxy, Alliance and Entity are all competing here as well as in the WEU TI qualifiers so this is the best set of practice these teams can get. So with that in mind I will be paying some extra special attention to all matches involving any of those teams. Outside of those teams there are many other great teams this event and its hard to chose one to soley root for. I would love for the SEA teams to be able to perform and specifically if BOOM get the win in front of their coaches home crowd would be truly special. So I guess with that logic I'm going to be a BOOM fan. So all in all I think this tournament will provide some really good games and some really good insights into the coming months. Being the last tournament on this patch as well could lead to teams really experimenting with some drafts. So keep your eyes out for some whacky things being played this tournament." LizZard While not a part of the talented crew at ESL One Malaysia 2022, Lizzard was kind enough to share his thoughts about the event. "Got my eyes on Entity and most importantly sexy StormStormrer. If they keep the major form maybe they can even win the qualifier. Future is bright for these guys."
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