What Your Overwatch Main Says About Your Horoscope

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-12 04:00:36
  Personalities mirror the characters you play, like it or not.  The roles your frequent, the types of games, it all speak to who you are. So what does your Overwatch main say about your horoscope? Aries, let’s be honest, yall lock Roadhog when you get stuck with tank. You feel like you need to carry and probably frequent your fair share Cassidy and Tracer.  Ohhh the bulls. Those who stay in their lane and stubbornly stick to their main. Taurus yall definitely stay the course on characters on Zenyatta and Soldier: 76.  Alright, those who flip-flopped in their roles prior to Overwatch being role locked--Gemini. Without a doubt. Now if I were emotional and temperamental, I’d probably guess I was a Lucio main, I-I mean Cancer…I meant Cancer.  Spotlight? Attention? Leo’s yall the Genji flipping around and screaming for healing OR the Mercy attempting to fight against your astrological coding. We see you. Virgo are supported or tanks. Ana, Zen, even Brigitte. Winston mains? Yall are Virgos 100%. Think of the warmth you see in Quick Play. The extroverted friendly folk that you occasionally run into. Easily these are Pharah players and they are Libras. Ruthless? Scorpio’s are the most likely the ones spamming aim trainers and will instalock Widowmaker…and does well.  I mean if Reinhardt isn’t the optimistic and fair-minded one on the team, then I’m not sure who is. Sagittarius you play the rectangle man and him exclusively.  Capricorn’s have probably moved on to VALORANT…not that we blame you. Someone has to slot into Wrecking Ball and Aquarius feels like a good fit. More self-reliant and willing to take some charge? This checks out.  Now, Pisces you might wrongly try to pin them as supports--WRONG. They’re the friends that watch your Discord stream and coach you through your climb out of plat.
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