Who Qualified For The 2023 Overwatch League Playoffs?

EsportsHeaven 2023-09-20 12:16:33

The Overwatch League's sixth season is ready to conclude. The Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada will play host to a sold-out Overwatch crowd. However, who Qualified For The 2023 Overwatch League Playoffs?    

Who Directly Qualified?

  From North America, Atlanta Reign, Houston Outlaws and the Florida Mayhem qualified directly based on their regular season standing.  As frontrunners in the west, the Reign have been dominant all season long and were shoe-ins to qualify for the 2023 playoffs.  International competition is sparse in the Overwatch League but the Atlanta Reign looked undeniable in the Midseason Madness.  What remains as an asterisk is how much of a gap there will continue to be with the playoff patch possibly changing the landscape quite heavily.  The Outlaws have been the only team to truly and consistently challenge North America's front-runners all season long.  However, Houston struck early in the Winston meta, but how will they fair with a new playoff patch landing? And the Mayhem stand to live up to their namesake. Not only has Florida been the most creative team in the West, but their recent signing of Genji star Lee "WhoRU" Seung-jun.  From the East, both the Hangzhou Spark and the Seoul Infernal have qualified for the 2023 playoffs The Spark have lived and died by the strength of their DPS since their birth. How will this Winston-based team adapt to the new Zarya-focused patch? On the flip side, the Infernal has been rather experimental when it comes to APAC teams. With time on Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt, Junker Queen and Winston, Infernal shouldn't have much to worry about.  

Play-Ins Winners

  With the Overwatch League Play-Ins concluded three more teams have been introduced.  The first team to advance from the West were the Boston Uprising. Acting as the gatekeeper to the top three teams, the Uprising has been a force to be reckoned with all season long.  While their Midseason Madness performance left the community wanting more, Boston fans should be excited.  Their rather large roster should assist them in piloting the new meta for the 2023 Overwatch League playoffs.  Rounding out the final teams from North America, the London Spitfire shocked the world snagging the final ticket to Toronto.  The Reinhardt one-trick team continues their run. Since last season the Spitfire have carved out a style all their own and they've hammered the opposition.  Their road to the playoffs includes two-time world champions the San Francisco Shock, the Washington Justice, the Vancouver Titans, and the Toronto Defiant.  From APAC, the Dallas Fuel will look to defend their title as they approach perhaps a dream scenario.  With buffs to Zarya in the upcoming playoff patch, Dallas should be a serious contender regardless of what their record shows.  Choi "Hanbin" Han-been is a world-class Zarya and paired alongside that stands Kim "SP9RK1E" Yeong-han, someone who made a name for himself as a Genji ace.  These eight teams with fight through two GSL-style groups with the top two teams advancing.  There, the final four will compete in a single elimination bracket with the losers slotting into a third-fourth-place match.  The 2023 Overwatch League playoffs begin September 28th. 
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