Will Sojourn Be Available For OWL 2022?

EsportsHeaven 2022-03-15 04:00:18

Short answer; YES. Long answer; YES…again, but with more pizazz! The second Overwatch League update has hit social media and with it comes a wave of community adoration and tangible details for how the league will be progressing as it enters its fifth year. Here is what you need to know. 
  • Sojourn is enabled
  • Push is enabled
  • 2 NEW hero reworks to Doomfist and Orisa
  • 4 new maps; Circuit Royal a brand new Escort map, Midtown for Hybrid, and New Queen Street and Colosseo as new Push maps
  • Closed Beta during late April
  • More chances to play throughout the year
  This means that Sojourn will be available on day one of the Overwatch League but even more important… NO HERO POOLS FOR 2022! And in case you forgot; ASSAULT IS DEAD! NO MORE 2CP! WE’RE BACK! Whew, was that a lot for you? Because this has been a rollercoaster of a week. Activision Blizzard has always promised more communication, but with the Overwatch League having its second update in the last month, we’re finally getting what we’ve been asking for! That’s like a 100% upgrade in the last year! So grab your power rankings, your tier lists, your favourite little D.Va plushie and strap in. No more hibernating, folks. Overwatch is back in business!
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