Worlds 2023 Finals – T1 about to sweep the entirety of the LPL?

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The Golden Road crumbles beneath JDG's feet and BLG fail to reach the peaks we saw from them at MSI. Worlds 2023 Finals have been locked-in.  

Weibo Gaming doing their best impression of DRX 2022

  The fourth Chinese seed made one of the most fraudulent top 4s in the history of Worlds. They got to Semi-finals without facing a single Asian team and after losing to G2. With BLG as their opponents, they faced their first real challenge of Worlds 2023. WBG had already lost three series against Bin and co this year, but the Worlds stage changes the rules. Against all odds, the 4th seed of the LPL surpassed this obstacle, crushing all doubts from their games leading up to here. Just last year, DRX had an insane run as the last seed from the LCK, with a massive upset over a higher seed from their region in Semifinals. The parallels are hard to ignore.  

Worlds 2023- Faker's return to glory?

  In what most considered the real final of the tournament, the narratives felt like something written in stone for this Worlds 2023 matchup. Ruler searching for his second World Championship with the supposed best the in the Universe at his side. Faker eyeing his fourth World Championship, with T1 wanting their 6th Finals with this 5 men roster.  

Worlds 2023Image via Riot Games

Knight looking to cement himself as the best midlaner in the World, against the most accomplished midlaner in League of Legends history. The pressure couldn't be higher, and it showed. JDG looked like a shadow of their former selves, with players like Kanavi and 369 especially having some really rough games. We saw some shades of peak JDG in Game 2, but it wasn't enough against a truly impressive T1 performance. All 5 T1 members showed up at different times and, despite JDG's ridiculous roster, they were the best team on the Worlds 2023 stage today.  

Worlds 2023 Finals

  Worlds 2023 comes to and end next Saturday. Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome will be where one of these rosters experiences glory, and where one team will see their year come to an end with a crushing defeat. The full schedules are available here.  

"<emImage via Riot Games

The entire year leads here for both of these squads. A true David vs Goliath matchup, reminiscent of Worlds 2022 Finals. A fourth seed that no one saw coming against T1 who head into this final series as overwhelming favorites. Faker and co saw the Summoner's Cup disappear from their sight just as they were about to grab it last year. Is T1 about to break their Finals curse, or is Xiaohu about to win his first World Championship with the most unlikely roster possible?
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