Worlds 2023 Playoffs- Everything you need to know

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Worlds 2023 Playoffs' Draw has finally happened. After the conclusion of the Swiss Stage, the 8 teams that were heading to Busan to face each other in Quarter-Finals were locked-in. Is this the best Knockout Stage we've ever gotten at Worlds?  

Worlds 2023 Playoffs Bracket

  KT keep being cursed for all eternity, but to balance the Universe's energies out, GEN were given the much easier side of the bracket compared to JDG's.  

Image via Riot Games

The first LCK seed has to fight their demons from MSI in the form of BLG (who 3-0d them in the lower-bracket), but gigaBin and co. haven't been the same beast they were in the UK. Jumping through this first hurdle should give them smooth sailing until the Grand Finals. WBG come in as heavy favorites vs NRG, but the first seed from North American has already surprised everyone with their series against G2, do they stand a chance here?  

JGD will be put to the test

  The other side of the bracket is where all the bangers lie. JDG came into the tournament as favorites and, if all matches go as expected, will have to go through all the toughest opposition to claim then Summoner's Cup. They are overwhelmingly favorites against KT, but the third seed from the LCK is not a beast to be trifled with. A win here is expected, but JDG cannot underestimate their enemy. If they get through this first obstacle, the winner of LNG vs T1 will be waiting. This is likely the hardest series to predict, but LNG should still be considered favorites. They have not lost to anyone other than JDG and looked head and shoulders above KT. T1 do have their unique factor, and they seem to be getting back to a scary form. Whoever wins this will be a difficult challenge for JDG to overcome. LNG have pushed them to their limit time and time again this year, and will surely do so again if they meet. T1 made JDG sweat at MSI and will have the advantage of not heading into this match as favorites, relieving them of the usual nerves that have played a big role in their recent International losses.  

The best Playoff bracket in Worlds history?

  Regardless of outcomes, this is likely the best Knockout Stage we've ever had at Worlds. The two main favorites can only meet in the finals and we will minimize the number of civil wars to one (if matches go as expected). GEN have a much easier road to the finals, but whoever comes out victorious in the other side will prove enough of a challenge to compensate for that easier path.  

Worlds 2023 Playoffs Schedule

  The series order and schedule have already been announced by Riot Games.  

Wolrds 2023 PlayoiffsImage via Riot Games

Thursday to Sunday with a BO5 a day. All matches will be played in Busan, at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium which holds 14 thousand people.  Although we obviously don't know the matchups yet, we already know when Worlds 2023 Semis and Finals will happen:  

Worlds 2023 Playoffs Image via Riot Games

The times shown are BST, so all matches start at the same time that quarter-finals do. 1AM PDT/9AM CET/5PM KST. Semi-final matches will also be played at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan, but the Grand Finals will bring us back to Seoul, to the gorgeous Gocheok Sky Dome.
Featured image courtesy of Riot Games. If you enjoyed this article, keep an eye on our LoL page. We will be covering the tournament closely.

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