Blizzard Entertainment confirms that they will host the StarCraft Community summit for 2018

DreXxiN 2018-11-28 07:06:07
Written by Cyan
Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the StarCraft community summit will be taking place once again for the year 2018.   First established in 2015, the StarCraft community summit has become a somewhat regular gathering of StarCraft community influencers, content creators, tournament organizers and professional players, brought together by Blizzard Entertainment.   Blizzard has revealed to Esports Heaven that the upcoming community summit will be a casual gathering on the Blizzard Campus in Irvine California on October 30th. The StarCraft 2, StarCraft Remastered, and StarCraft Esports teams will provide updates and information to the attendees, as well as taking community feedback in a series of group sessions.   With StarCraft 2’s new free-to-play price tag, the relatively recent release of StarCraft Remastered, a huge SC2 balance update, and an as-of-yet unknown format for the 2019 World Championship Series, this year’s summit may be particularly packed with new information for its guests.   The number of attendees, and who may be invited, has traditionally been kept under wraps and this year will be no different. Traditionally, StarCraft fans have taken to social media in order to theorize who may be en route to California on the correct dates, and therefore the community summit.   With Blizzcon and an end to the 2018 World Championship Series just around the corner, StarCraft fans should have no shortage of news and excitement in the coming weeks.

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