Cody Sun: TSM, C9, and IMT will be the teams to go to Worlds.

Ace 2017-06-30 04:29:07

This week I got to sit down and talk to Cody Sun and Kim "Olleh" Joo-Sung right before on of the most important weekends of the split. 

Congratulations on your close 2-0 weekend, continuing your streak as a first place team in the NALCS Summer Split. Over the weeks, a lot of fans have started to compliment both Olleh and yourself, saying that you’ve both not only improved but surpassing expectations by a large margin. With your team doing so well so far, what are your expectations for this split?

?    Cody Sun: My expectation for Immortals is for myself and Olleh to continue showcasing our abilities as a bot-duo and to win playoffs.
?    Olleh: My expectation for us this split is to be the best team in North America.

This past weekend you had two very different series; playing against Team Liquid your team barely struggled against their many mistakes, whereas against Cloud 9 - even with a massive lead - you almost lost the series but clutched the win in the end. What is your team atmosphere like when it gets to a really pressure-filled game three?

?    Cody Sun: We constantly remind ourselves that it’s possible to comeback from any deficit in-game and consistently look for openings in our opponent’s play.

?    Olleh:  We keep talking about how we can win this game. That was really good because we were giving information to each other.

How do you think you and Olleh will do against Stixxay and Aphromoo? With here do you place yourself against the other AD Carries in NA currently? Who do you think are the top 4 AD’s in North America right now?

?    Cody Sun: I would place myself in the top 10 ADs in NA. The current top 4, in my opinion are: Doublelift, Sneaky, Stixxay and Altec.

Do you look up to any other AD Carries/Supports, either in NA or in the world? 

?    Cody Sun: I’m a big fan of Deft 

?    Olleh: For me it is the LCK and LMS supports

Lastly, we are almost at the halfway point of the split. Teams are figuring out the meta, preparing for Rift Rivals, and everyone is looking at playoffs. Looking at it from the present, which teams do you see going to Worlds and why? 

?    Cody Sun: TSM, C9, and IMT will be the teams to go to Worlds.

?    Olleh: TSM / C9 / CLG / IMT

CLG's Stixxay recently stated that the success at Immortals is more luck than skill, and that CLG is the best team right now with the others far apart. With this past weekend you guys secured first place and smashed the opposition, including that same CLG. What separates Immortals from the rest of the teams in the NALCS this split, and which teams are near you/right below you in your eyes throughout the league?

?    Cody Sun: We’re just lucky I guess ;) The teams near us right now are TSM and Cloud 9

?    Olleh: TEAM WORK! TSM & C9 are up there with us.


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