Flashpoint 2 Match Report – OG Knock Out MiBR in Late Night Thriller

vacant 2020-12-06 02:00:24

Key Prematch odds: 

NBK Goes Nuclear

It was late in the evening in the UK after the earlier delays to the schedule, but for both MiBR and OG it was crunch time. The winner of this game would face Fnatic for a chance to play in the Grand Final and the loser would go home. With so much hanging on this game it was sure to be a showstopper.  We kicked off on MiBR’s pick Nuke and they started well by taking a 5-2 lead on the T-side. Just as soon as it was looking rosy, OG brought the barriers firmly down and it was Issa "ISSAA" Murad and Nathan "NBK" Schmitt who were the defensive stalwarts for OG, picking up 14 kills apiece. They helped OG pick up 6 rounds in a row with some solid site holds to take the lead and eventually go into half-time 9-6 up.  In the second half it was once again NBK who was the key man. Supplemented by the AWPing of Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski with 9 AWP kills across the game, they bullied their way through a traditionally CT-sided map to pick up 7 T-Side rounds and a 16-10 victory. They had reversed MiBRs map pick and it was now their own pick of Inferno next to play.

The VSM Show

On Inferno though it was MiBR who started strongly on the favoured CT side, opening up a 7-0 lead with Vinicius "vsm" Moreira getting 10 kills to only 1 death. OG finally picked up a solitary round at 7-1, but MiBR slammed the door shut again as they extended their lead and the half finished 11-4 to the Brazilians.  MiBR blitzed through the second half, preventing OG from picking up a single round as they closed out the map 16-4 and took the game to the final map of the series, Train.

The Decider

It has become a common theme for Train to be the deciding third map this tournament and this series was no different. OG would start on CT side and they made an impressive start going 7-1 up, but MiBR bounced back yet again and were in the lead 8-7 at half-time with Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles leading the way with 14 frags. In the second half MiBR won the pistol round, but out of nowhere it looked like they had thrown it all away as they lost the 2nd round to an OG side who were on a full eco. OG snowballed to win the next 4 rounds and the match started to look out of MiBR’s grasp. They clawed back a streak of four rounds, but OG found themself on match point at 15-13. Vito "kNgV" Giuseppe AWPing prowess almost dragged MiBR into overtime, finishing the game with 37 kills, but it wasn’t to be as a rush onto the A site sealed the win for OG and sent them to the Lower Bracket final to play Fnatic.

Key Stats:

Map 1 (Nuke)
  • It was Nathan "NBK" Schmitt who was, unusually, the top fragger for OG this time with 23 kills a 100.9 ADR and a 1.33 rating. He came up big when needed with some huge impact frags.
  • Issa "ISSAA" Murad completed OG’s dream duo as he picked up 21 kills, 7 assists and the highest rating on the server with 1.33
Map 2 (Inferno)
  • Vinicius "vsm" Moreira was like the Van Dijk of Counter-Strike on the CT side for MiBR with 16 kills and 6 deaths on the CT side. He finished the game at the top of the scoreboard at 21-8 with a 1.77 rating.
  • Vito "kNgV" Giuseppe wasn’t far behind for MiBR with 20 kills and a 1.74 rating as they trounced OG 16-4.
Map 3 (Train)
  • Vito "kNgV" Giuseppe dominated on Train with 37 kills including 24 AWP kills and a 1.64 rating, but it wasn’t enough to carry his team over the line.
  • For OG it was Issa "ISSAA" Murad who came up with the goods, topping his team’s scoreboard with 26 kills and a 1.29 rating.

Vacant's Analysis:

  • OG were formidable and every player took turns to step up throughout the series. The calling from Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen was fantastic as they stole away round after round on Train. MiBR couldn’t handle their changes of pace when they attacked and they caught them by surprise repeatedly on B. Against a more experienced team like Fnatic they may struggle, but it is sure to be an exciting matchup.
  • MiBR have to be disappointed with this result, but they can go home with their heads held high to make the top 4. It seemed like inexperience showing again as they struggled to close out the game in key moments. 

Next game:

OG will face Fnatic in the Lower Bracket Final for a chance to then take on Virtus.Pro in the Grand Final. With two epic matchups to play, place your bets on midnite.com

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