Heart DQed from WCS China Qualifiers; but welcome to participate in Season 2

ploguidic3 2015-01-06 06:46:33

eSports Heaven has learned that Axiom player Kim "Heart" Min Hyuk has been disqualified from the 2015 WCS China Season 1 qualifiers, after a series of mutually confusing exchanges between the Korean player and the Chinese tournament organizers, but despite this disqualification Heart will be able to compete in the qualifiers for season two. 

Axiom's Heart competing in WCS America 
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A trusted source has told eSports Heaven that Heart’s disqualification was caused by two issues: first Heart’s registration document appeared to be filled out with incorrect personal information causing suspicion from the Chinese organizers that his application had been filled out by a friend, second our source claims that Heart registered using a Chinese Battle.net account that had been provided by Blizzard solely for use in the Leifing cup. This would have been in violation of the WCS rules requiring players have ownership of the account they are using to participate in WCS qualifiers.

eSport’s Heaven reached out to Axiom eSports in order to clarify this situation, we heard from team owner John “Totalbiscuit” Bain who provided a somewhat conflicting account claiming

“Heart, due to strong family ties in China and his desire to see other countries is undertaking education at a Chinese university, while flying back to Korea to participate in his GSL matchs. While doing so he intended to play in the WCS World qualifiers for China, which he is permitted to do under WCS rules and has a valid visa which would allow him to participate. However, due to delays in processing the university paperwork, Heart did not meet the deadline to provide the requisite proof of intent to sign up for the qualifier.”

Totalbiscuit also confirmed that the account that Heart used was in fact in violation of the WCS rules, but stressed that he only attempted to sign up using the prohibited account after being given “Several confusing statements by Chinese WCS operators.”


For clarification the reason that Heart did not use his own account when signing up for the qualifiers is due to the fact that normal Battle.net accounts do not function in China. Signing up for a Chinese Battle.net account also generally requires a Chinese Identification number which is a government issued ID that is the Chinese equivalent of a Social Security or Tax ID number.


Following talks between Axiom, Blizzard and the Chinese WCS operators it has been agreed that Heart will be allowed to participate in WCS China’s Season 2 Qualifiers if he so desires. It is therefore quite likely that next season will see Heart living in China and participating in WCS China, while flying back to Korea for any GSL and SSL matches he manages to qualify for in his home country. This would make Heart the third player (after Jim and Scarlett) to mutually particpate in the 2015 WCS system as well as the Korean Premiere Leagues.


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