Leffen wins BEAST5 coming back from Amazing 4-stock

DreXxiN 2015-01-11 10:46:11

In an amazing 5-game set, Leffen defeats Armada in the grand finals, winning himself a free flight and hotel to APEX along with $1,000.

The East vs. West coast battle on home turf for the grand finalists in Sweden was initially in favor of Leffen.  Following this, Armada took his time to warm up his hands and commit to what appeared to be meditating and transitioned into the fourth game, pulling out a 4-stock against Leffen.  Despite the weaker Fox he had controlled on the PAL copy of Smash, Leffen was able to take game five against Armada's Peach.

Cloud 9's Mang0 fell to third place, putting an American behind two Swedish finalists.  Leffen has also won his second consecutive BEAST tournament, having taken 1st place in BEAST4.


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