LGD, iG, and inG collaborate to create a joint Youth Esports Club

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[The following is a recruitment thread from LGD's official Weibo]

1. Regarding the Youth Esports Club

When we are in a game, we behave like a well-disciplined and highly-organized army unit. When we are not in a game, we are full of sunshine, youth, energy, passion, and love. I want to say that we are more of a family than a team.

The Youth Esports Club was created through a collaborative effort of investments from three different clubs: inG, LGD, and iG. The club backers have a combined total of two LPL spots and one LSPL spot. For a player with skill and potential, this is a chance to grow in an environment with plentiful resources and a wide platform. The goal of the Youth Esports Club is to work towards qualifying for LSPL and to supply premier leagues like LPL with great prospects.

The team base is an approximately 400 square meters, fully furnished high-end villa located in Shanghai’s Songjiang District. Peaceful and elegant, it provides access to nearby grass fields, man-made lakefront, large commercial shopping malls, supermarkets, Starbucks, and etc.

In terms of living conditions, we have the best personal chef to take care of all the dining arrangements. Regardless of how thin or how picky you are, I believe that you won’t have any issues when it comes to food after joining us. Three meals a day plus late-night snacks [translator’s note: more common in China], every meal includes a minimum of 10 dishes. We will provide all the other living necessities and the cleanest living environment. We are also equipped with top-end computers, mouse, and keyboard for the purpose of creating the top-notch training environment.  We are working to continuously looking for ways to improve the facility. In private, we will often organize team dinners, trips, and events. We are a team but we are more of a family.

2. Dreams and the future

Someone has once said that “we need to have dreams so one day we can achieve them.” We experienced countless competitions of all sizes, and every match is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. We are working hard, but at the same time, we are enjoying the camaraderie of our teammates and brothers, the feeling of marching into battle hand in hand. We are enjoying the competitions, the professional life, and the stage filled with passion and enthusiasm—the burning desire to climb to the top. We are enjoying the life basking in the sun. Since you chose the professional life, why not go to the LPL and dream for the one chance to walk on the world stage? We live for the dazzling life.

3. The coaching staff

In regards to the coaching staff:

Head coach: ??? (Kuang Xiao-Ye)

May 25th to August 27th 2014, coached KING and brought the team into LPL. He helped some of the currently well-known players to complete their transition into the professional life, including:

RNG.MLXG, RNG.xiaohu, RNG.wuxin, RNG.ley, RNG sask, EDG.MEIKO, SHR.letme                          

Afterwards, he joined GT and helped the team to qualify for LPL. His team also finished second place in the Tencent Games Arena Grand Prix/Summer 2014. In the past, he has helped the TGA team TOT to qualify for LSPL. Our head coach is outstanding in the Chinese community due to his superior ability to coach and develop players. He has  a strong sense of responsibility for his players.

4. The club spirit

We have the top-end training standards and regiment within China, with close working relationships with teams from Korea’s OGN and North America’s LCS. We possess the latest news and knowledge for in-game trends, meta champion picks, and understanding of how to play on the latest patch. We shape our training regimen to target the players’ specific weaknesses, bringing out the potential and value of every player that joins our club. This is our club’s purpose.

We have many echelons of teams, TGA [LPL] teams, and LSPL teams. Players with matching skills have the opportunity to be directly put on the prospect list for LGD, iG, and other strong teams. Depending on the individual’s career choice, there could also be development towards a professional coaching career. We definitely won’t neglect any players that join our club. We are a squad, a club that does not admit defeat. Our love for esports, our dreams, and the motto to never give-up are things that we always keep in our hearts. If you are the same as us, unwilling to admit defeat and desire to win, then join us on our esports path. Are you ready?

5. Recruitment and remuneration

We send this open invitation to all the young people in China who loves League of Legends. We provide the best platform out there. With top-end amenities, the best training environment, and a comfortable living area, we are waiting for the best version of you. If you have thoughts about starting a professional LoL career, please confirm that factors such as your family, studies, and relationship situations can support the beginning of your professional career. This may be a job that will last over two years. If you aren’t in Shanghai, then you might have to leave the city you are currently living in and start enjoying the irregular life of high pressure, high difficult, and full of both happiness and worries. We provide up to a maximum of possibly 8000 RMB + bonuses, with eating and living expenses all paid for. We will pay for the airplane tickets for those from outside of Shanghai. Currently we are recruiting two types of players, trainees and official players.

Requirement for official players: China Server 1-Masters 250+ points/Korean server Masters+

Requirement for trainees: China Server 1-Masters+/Korean server Diamond 1+

If you fit our requirements and willing to start your professional career, please send a brief description about yourself to our email with the format below:



Chinese server (region)/Korean server:


Previous professional esports experience:

Previous competitive experience:

How do you rate yourself:


Source: http://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309403989949639703157


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