NaNiwa qualifies for WCS Europe

ploguidic3 2015-01-10 04:46:44

Johan "NaNiwa" Lucchesi is one of StarCrafts most controversial figures. Admired by fans for his incredible skills within the game NaNiwa has drawn much criticism for his actions outside of the game, including his much maligned forfeiture at IEM Katowice.

In spite of many of the bitter feelings left by his less than professional departure from StarCraft, the StarCraft community had shown much excitement over NaNiwas rumored return. It became clear that the Swedish Protoss had begun playing the game again when a Protoss barcode account believed to belong to NaNiwawith broke into the the top 16. This was followed by NaNiwas registration into the WCS EU qualifiers. The first two days proved disappointing for NaNiwa fans as the Swedish player failed to check in for the qualifiers.

Yesterday NaNiwa broke his trend of "no call no showing" and checked in for the WCS EU Challenger. NaNiwa crashed through his bracket only dropping two maps to MaNa and Happy. His qualificaton is the first step in a long road to reclaiming his title as the greatest foreign player.



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