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Pre-TI8 shuffle rumours: Leviathan and Baidu to reshuffle, jas to disband

KarY 2018-07-08 07:43:20
  The International 2018 is a little more than a month away and every participating team has begun to prepare for the pinnacle event in a bid to win the major chunk of the humongous prize-pool and lift the aegis. However, many teams failed to make the cut and are most certainly contemplating on their future. A few hours ago, a new user under the alias "heyitsme12321" posted on a Reddit thread about the rumours circumventing on possible changes in the North American Dota 2 scene. The user states that two of the non-qualified teams for TI8 are undergoing a shuffle and one team has disbanded.   The teams in question are Team Leviathan, Team Baidu and Jsut a Squad. According to the freshly registered user, Leviathan and Baidu will be changing rosters as well as are in talks with potential sponsors. On the other hand, Jsut a Squad have disbanded and taken a decision to go their separate ways. Notable North American players such as Brian "BananaSlamJam" Canavan, a popular streamer and talent, Samuel "Sammyboy" Anderson, and Samuel "Jenkins" Jenkins were a part of Team Leviathan with Jenkins no longer being a part of the team as per his liquipedia profile page. If the rumours are indeed true, then leviathan will be partially or majorly revamping its roster with Jenkins in the mix. Another team making a splash in the North American open qualifiers were Team Baidu, a team comprised of Chinese players residing in NA. They defeated Leviathan in the first round of the open qualifiers only to be met with defeat at the hands of Complexity Gaming before eventually making the cut in the second round. They also defeated Jsut a Squad (jas) in the process who eventually qualified to the Regional qualifiers before "allegedly" disbanding.
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