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Stark Departs EVOS Esports And Becomes A Free Agent

Jonathan Yee 2019-05-08 03:21:30
  According to sources, top laner Phan 'Stark' Công Minh has left EVOS Esports and is now a free agent. A Facebook post by EVOS' mid laner Lê 'Dia1' Phú Quý would appear to corroborate this, with the names of Stark, Nguyễn 'YiJin' Lê Hải Đăng, and Lê 'RonOP' Thiên Hàn's names notably missing from the whiteboard, probably indicating their departures. Fans may recognize Stark from his exploits internationally with both the Gigabyte Marines at the Mid-Season Invitational 2017, as well as MSI the following year with EVOS. The top laner was one of the first major acquisitions by EVOS back in 2017, after his departure from the Gigabyte Marines. Known for his propensity to play carry top lane champions, Stark played a big part in the team qualifying for MSI 2018. The organization is seemingly looking in a new direction going forward, having already parted ways with Nguyễn 'Slay' Ngọc Hùng and coach Jensen 'Jensen' Goh earlier in the split as they faced an uphill struggle to regain the form that brought them their first VCS title in Spring 2018, falling to Phong Vũ Buffalo in the VCS Spring 2019 play-off finals.
Images credit to LoL Esports and Dia1's Facebook page You can head over to our League of Legends hub for more content. If you enjoyed this article, follow the author on Twitter at @amigrainelol.

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