WE Xiye: Choosing Lucian Mid is Convenience

adhiwahyus 2017-05-17 09:30:04

On the last day of the Mid-Season Invitational stage group. SK Telecom T1 must accept a merciless defeat from Team WE. As we know that WE Xiye uses Lucian Mid to face Orianna Faker. It attracts a lot of attention that it turns out that pick-off meta can also produce maximum results.

In the interview session Xiye said, "I have prepared Lucian Mid to face SK Telecom T1. Im really comfortable with Lucian mid, just as I play ranked and scrim. It got me used to it. I think the Lucian pick is the right choice to deal with the composition of championship from SK Telecom T1. "

Although already very well prepared, Team WE remains wary of SK Telecom T1. And never forget that they are the team that currently occupy the first position.

"Its still a knockout stage, we hope we can go all the way to the final. SK Telecom T1 is a very strong opponent, maybe they have prepared more of us. We will do our best. "

WE Condi also confirmed the statement from Xiye. Pick comfort becomes the key to victory where we can play in early game. Especially easily help bot lane.

For those who have not seen SK Telecom T1 vs Team WE, you can watch the footage in the following video.


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