C9 Max Waldo: “I think pro players should be able to play proficiently at every role, and the reason why this is so important is because you have to have an understanding of every role to play YOUR role at an elite level”

Izento 2021-03-09 06:25:07
With a 1-2 Week 5 for Cloud9, there is pause for concern as to whether C9 are faltering, or if they're just trying something new. With blunders against Team Liquid, and especially against TSM, C9 are not looking like their usual self. Particularly their game against TSM, where Blaber was up a significant amount of gold against the enemy jungler, they threw their lead and saw a massive reversal in game state with TSM clinching the win. Esports Heaven spoke with coach Max Waldo to get insight into role mastery, working with Fudge, ease of execution versus ideal team compositions, Perkz's side laning compared to NA, and NA objective control.
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