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FLY coach Curry on releasing V1per, Jungle meta, 2v2 mid/jungle and more

Izento 2020-06-13 04:53:48
  Curry, FLY's coach, sat down with Esports Heaven to talk about being a coach in the COVID-19 pandemic, differences between V1per and Solo, and more. FlyQuest have started out with a loss at the hands of Cloud9 but that hasn't stopped the team to look for more improvements. There's still quite a lot of matches until the end of the split with the team reforged around their main top laner Solo. Curry looks forward to FLY getting a head start on the strengths that made them a contender at the tail end of Spring Split.
___ Izento has been a writer for the LoL scene since Season 7, and has been playing the game since Season 1. Follow him on Twitter at @ggIzento for more League content. Image courtesy of Paul de Leon/Riot Games For more LoL content, check out our LoL section

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