EG Peter Dun on Jiizuke as a Player: “My Answer is never going to be, ‘don’t go in’, what I’m going to say is ‘pick your moment to go in’. Jiizuke is a player who is mechanically strong enough that if he doesn’t take an opportunity now, another opportunity will present itself later”

Izento 2021-03-10 07:10:04
Evil Geniuses have had a tumultuous Week 5 of the LCS. Having gone 1-2, they look to solidify their consistency and prove that they're meant to be in playoffs. Their last game against Team Dignitas showed that they are willing to scrap, or maybe too willing. Esports Heaven spoke with coach Peter Dun to discuss their game against Team Dignitas, NA drake control, Jiizuke, and improvements for EG.
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