GG Akaadian Discusses Past Experience With Echo Fox Being Denied Scrims, Coaching Accountability and TSM Reginald

Izento 2022-01-18 04:13:51
  Golden Guardians are gearing up for the new season. With changes to the LCS and Academy roster, they're looking to start fighting for a top spot in both leagues. There has also been large changes to several coaching staffs around both leagues, and unexpectedly, there have been former players taking on the role of coaches. Akaadian was recently announced as the head coach of Golden Guardians Academy team and he's looking to impart some of his experience to the younger minds of the scene. Esports Heaven spoke with Akaadian to talk about his new transition into coaching, his experience of Echo Fox and not being able to get scrims, veterans not being picked up in LCS, TSM Reginald and accusations of bullying, and coaches giving proper criticism to players.
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