GG General Manager Danan’s Take on Worlds in NA, Misfits Leaving LEC and LCK New Contract Policies

Izento 2022-08-02 07:00:17
  Golden Guardians are currently the hosts for the Worlds 2022 Championship Finals at the Chase Center in San Francisco. This presents a large opportunity for the North American organization to create unique sponsorship activations and develop a deeper relationship with their fans. Golden Guardians have pressed hard for hosting Worlds in NA, and with their new recent acquirement of Korean jungler Kim "River" Dong-woo, the team looks like their doing everything in their power to make a last stretch berth to have their team reach Worlds. With a plethora of moves going on in the global Leauge of Legends landscape for 2022 Summer Split, we talked to Danan, general manager of Golden Guardians to discuss their recent pick-up of their new jungler River, the difficulties of making a mid-split trade, Misfits leaving the LEC and the intricacies of the new LCK contract policies.
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