GG Hauntzer: “I dont think Riot really wants Soraka to be a top laner […] but for now it is what it is. You gotta make use of it.”

Izento 2020-02-05 05:38:52
  Golden Guardians went 1-1 for Week 2 of the LCS. Playing a uncomfortably close game against Evil Geniuses to eek out a win, and then almost as if foreshadowing, playing Soraka top against Immortals, only to fall short to round out the week. Esports Heaven spoke with GG's top laner Hauntzer to to talk about their game against Evil Geniuses, being ranked last in many power rankings, top lane impact in the current meta, shotcalling and Soraka top.
___ Izento has been a writer for the LoL scene since Season 7, and has been playing the game since Season 1. Follow him on Twitter at @ggIzento for more League content. Image courtesy of Tina Jo/Riot Games For more LoL content, check out our LoL section

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