HomeMadeWaffles, Liquid"e;Chillindude, Tempo | Axe, and HugS Video Interviews at Pound 2016

ESH_Adam 2016-04-07 11:10:32

At Pound 2016, I talked to HomeMadeWaffles, Liquid'Chillindude, Tempo | Axe, and HugS where we covered a variety of topics.

Brandon "HomeMadeWaffles" Collier, the man who kept Melee alive, and I had the chance to have a conversation about eSports vs. non-eSports commentary, playing in singles, going full eSports, and more!

Kashan "Liquid'Chillindude" Khan and I discussed his 2015 performance, his problems as a player, Azen's possible comeback, and more!

Once again, Jeffrey "Tempo | Axe" Williamson and I talked about The Battle of the Five Gods, the difficulties in beating Armada, recovering from losses, and more!

Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez and I spoke about his current situation with streaming, Samus' place in the metagame, his 2016 goals, and more!

Over the entire Pound 2016 weekend, I talked to many people in the Melee community. Check out my other interviews with Husband, ROOT Chu Dat, and CLG SFAT from yesterday and stay tuned for my interviews with Amsah, Wobbles, and more! Feel free to follow me at @ESH_Adam for updates on my content!

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