SP LSL | Zhu, Amsah, and TGL | DruggedFox Video Interviews at Pound 2016

ESH_Adam 2016-04-08 06:10:15

Pound 2016 gave me the chance to talk to SP LSL | Zhu, Amsah, and TGL | DruggedFox where we discussed a variety of topics.

Julian "SP LSL | Zhu" Zhu, the man of multiple talents and reciever of the Wombo Combo, and I had a heart to heart conversation about his struggles in making it in eSports, the production schedule of Last Stock Legends, maining Falco, and more!

Amsah D. Augustuszoon, one of the greatest European smashers of all time, and I spoke about the difference in European and American playstyles, coming to America for the first time in 4 years, his search for a sponsor, and more! 

Sami "TGL | DruggedFox" Muhanna and I talked about playing Smash full time, his performance at Battle of the Five Gods, the nature of dual maining, and more!

Over the entire Pound 2016 weekend, I talked to many people in the Melee community. Check out my other interviews with HomeMadeWaffles, Liquid'Chillindude, Tempo | Axe, and HugS from yesterday and stay tuned for my interviews with Wobbles, Dr. Caitlin McGee and more! Feel free to follow me at @ESH_Adam for updates on my content!


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