TL APA on Speaking With Koreans: “They didn’t understand the difference between can and can’t. Pyosik would do the opposite”

Izento 2024-02-01 09:16:03
  Team Liquid have begun the 2024 Spring Split with a 2-2 record and are predictably fourth place (the memes write themselves). The lineup was constructed of a good smattering of rookies and veterans to help guide them and steer their potential in the right direction. One of those rookies, their current mid laner Eain "APA" Stearns, subbed into the team during the middle of the 2023 Summer Split as an emergency sub and has since played for the team as the starting mid laner headed into 2024. Esports Heaven spoke with APA to talk about his sudden starting position in 2023 Summer Split, difficulties surrounding a mixed roster, champion pool and carry firepower criticism, and map awareness.
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