Twitch OXY | CrimsonBlur, PG | Wobbles and Dr. Caitlin McGee Video Interviews at Pound 2016

ESH_Adam 2016-04-11 11:03:58

The last batch of interviews from Pound 2016 see me speak to Twitch OXY | The Crimson Blur, PG | Wobbles, and Dr. Caitlin McGee on a number of different subjects.

Arian "Twitch OXY | The Crimson Blur" Fathieh, the man who does so much for the community behind the scenes, and I had a great conversation about the growth of the Smash scene, his job at Twitch alongside his other roles in the community, the differences between the Smash scene and the other eSports, and more!

I spoke to Robert "PG | Wobbles" Wright, the player/commentator extraordinaire, about the role he wants to play in the community, what makes Armada so hard to beat, picking up secondaries, and more!

Dr. Caitlin McGee, the physical therapist on duty at Pound 2016, and I had a discussion about the nature of the injuries that Smash and other eSports players experience, the growing job field of physical therapists for eSports teams, proper form when playing to prevent injury, and more!

Over the entire Pound 2016 weekend, I talked to many people in the Smash Community. However, this is the last of my interviews from that amazing weekend! Thank you all for watching! Feel free to follow me at @ESH_Adam for updates on my content as I will be going to more events in the future!


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