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Funny Videos [MEGATHREAD]

Recently there have been loads of forum posts with just a link in them and captions along the lines of 'LOL CHECK THIS'. I'm making this thread and stickying it to be used for such things. Please use this thread. Any threads made outside of this for just one video will be locked and removed. To start us off: Enjoy.

Hilarious and epic fail on a snow kite (of me getting my face washed :D) share with your friends :D
Found this in a subreddit where people share their real life stories about their encounters with "a murderer, crazy person, or a human that instilled fear into you". This post was slightly creepy but the video that the guy posted with it made me piss myself. Read the story then watch the video.

I regularly fish off of a small jetty on the river where I live with a friend. On this particular day, I went on my own as my mate was working. When I arrive, I see a young girl (later find out she is 14) sitting on the jetty, so I decide to fish off of the beach so as not to make her uncomfortable, but she waves me over onto the jetty anyway. Apparently she had seen me fish off there before and wanted some company.
As I'm setting my gear up, this guy in a uniform walks up onto the jetty wearing what looks to be a police uniform and starts talking to the girl in an official manner about someone who had been riding their dirtbike on the park grass, talking about "apprehending" him, etc. From the get go I can tell there's something not quite right about this guy.
A closer look at his uniform tells me he isn't actually a police officer, and his uniform in fact appears to be a Marine S.E.S. (state emergency service) uniform.
My friend arrives, and his conversation with the girl is turning out to be unintentionally hilarious. This is where I bring out my phone and start recording the video.
The conversation turns more and more inappropriate, with my friend and I making a point to not interact with him outside of a couple remarks. At one point, after the guy on the dirt bike came back, and this guy (we'll call him Marine Officer Badass... MOB for short) tried to "apprehend" him, only to be told to "go get fucked, cunt!". MOB returns and appears to call the local police and file a report (throwing in bullshit claims of the guy doing burn outs and doughies, all of which never happened, the guy just peacefully drove away).
Then, suddenly, the guy decides he wants to fish as well. Off he goes, on his little push bike, meanwhile the girl chats with us and makes it clear she's creeped out by the guy. When he returns in his, quote, "civvy clothes", he proceeds to sit very close to the girl and fish with her, all the while she is making very audible hints that she doesn't feel safe with him, such as talking to my friend and I "Please don't leave me here alone".
The real creepy part is when she decided to leave, he also decided to leave and seemed to be of the impression that they would walk home together. She of course stuck around and talked to us, while he awkwardly and PAINFULLY slowly started walking his bike off and looking back regularly. Even stopping at times and staring at us.
Obviously, this wasn't going to turn well if we let her walk home on her own so we decided to walk her home to keep her safe from this guy. As we are parting ways at the end of her street, she gets a phone call from her mother.
Apparently, this guy, while her back was turned, has gone through her phone and taken her Mum's number, and has now called her Mum and told her that her daughter is walking home with two pedophiles.
Turns out this guy is NOT with the S.E.S. and just dresses up like this to feel important, or something.
Ended up posting this video to facebook, and find out this guy was caught with fireworks/explosives on his porch, which exploded while a group of children were there, causing a young girl to be burnt severely.
The fact that this guy was so brazen about hitting on this girl right in front of us makes me think he might have actually done this with other girls. Very worrying, so much so that we make it a point to go fishing even when we're not too keen on it, so that girl doesn't get bloody raped or something. Her parents don't seem to be the greatest.
Sorry if this isn't really LNM worthy but it's an ongoing saga and I will update as we get more creepy stuff.
Its always fun to watch the animal videos which make funny things !
I have never seen such a Crazy Cow boy in my life ! lolzzz

HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH, that thing should be on every lan!
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