Testicular cancer

PILLZZZPILLZZZ 2012-10-24 02:19:18
A friend of a friend , recently lost his life to Testicular cancer and as a result my friend is raising awareness of the disease. He is a very close friend of mine who ive known practically all my life , i feel his pain and i hope you lads regularly check your testicles for any abnormal things. I also currently have a very very close relative suffering from very late stages of myelodysplastic syndrome.


http://uk.movember.com/mospace/1976820 the link to his page. and for more details.

The donations are completely up to you. But everything helps from a penny to a pound.

Thanks for reading.
sorry for him :/ RIP
sorry man, I can't even imagine the feeling of losing one of your closest friends "/
My cousin was diagnosed with testicular cancer some years ago! He had one of his testicals removed but the diseases had spread to his lungs! I am happy to say he has succesfully fought cancer and has been clean for some years now and has been working hard to help raise money and awareness for the disease. He has climbed Alpe Du'ez multiple times now for this cause!!!
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