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33: “I don’t think anything has changed other than my team being noobs”

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Tundra Esports registered a comfortable victory over Nigma Galaxy in the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2: Division I, with Neta "33" Shapira's performance standing out, especially in the second game. Tundra Esports climbs to the top of the ladder of the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 with an unbeaten 2-0 score after defeating OG and Nigma Galaxy in straight games. After the series, 33 joined for a winner's interview and answered a few questions asked by the panellists of the 2023 DPC WEU Tour 2. Congratulations on a great start to the DPC WEU 2023 season, 33. How is the team environment at the moment? 33: Everything feels good. We are happy some people got the time off to relax and reset a bit. I'm here at the boot camp with Sneyking, but it feels more relaxed when it's only two people, without constantly having noisy conversations and players [Skiter] yelling. Why has Doom been more successful in these two games when compared to last season? What has changed? 33: I don't think anything has changed other than my team being noobs. The team is always the problem, I was like playing perfectly as always. What are your thoughts on the patch? Do you like the changes? 33: Riki and Lina [getting nerfed] being out of the game is something I enjoy. I haven't seen Riki at all and as for Lina, some people are still playing the hero, but not as regularly. The patch wasn't that big so I don't feel much change. It's nice to buy Meteor Hammer on some heroes but the item is kind of a joke so I'm not sure how good it actually is.

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Do you think you're putting yourself in a different playstyle when you're buying a Meteor Hammer? 33: I think it's important you don't fall into this trap as you cannot think too much about this item. You would still need to play as you normally would and this item [Meteor Hammer] just helps you out a bit. You cannot just completely transform your gameplay to handling towers and running around and trying to cast it in team fights because then you end up ruining the game a lot. If you use the item for some nice stats and boost in the early game, then it's good or at least decent. Is maxing Scorched Earth a better skill build to go now on Doom or do you still think maxing Devour is still the way to go? 33: Usually I max the Scorched Earth because the spell scales way better. The fourth point [in Scorched Earth] provides so much value since it increases the damage and the duration. The damage increase is higher and higher, the more you level it. I max Devour when the game is passive and feel like I'm not fighting against any heroes or when it feels that I won't be able to get more farm even with maxed Scorched Earth. What is your process of getting better as a pro player on an individual level? 33: I like spamming a limited number of heroes when I play pubs, choosing one or two heroes and trying to play as many games as possible only on those heroes. It helps you improve a lot faster. For example, by spamming a hero five times in pubs, you focus a lot less on the mechanical (micro) aspects and think more about the game because the micro things come naturally to you. 33 interview DPC WEU 2023

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How difficult is it to find new things from a patch on a continuous basis? 33: There are always new things that come out honestly. I'm not sure how it happens but at some point, you think an item is really OP and then two months later you think that the same item is trash. We are good at finding out things we consider broken but it's not like we just come up with everything. We watch people play and if something looks really good then we'll make sure to try and steal it and implement it in our game. What has been the biggest change for you and Tundra between the Lima Major and now? 33: I don't think our environment at the Lima Major was too bad. We just played badly -- it's difficult to pinpoint why. We've only played two series, we can still go to the DPC WEU 2023 Division II. It's not too late.
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