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Oli: “The current patch is pretty much the same for supports”

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Talon Esports is off to a great start in Division I of the DPC SEA 2023 Tour 2 with a victory over Army Geniuses in a clean 2-0 series. After finishing third at the Lima Major, the Southeast Asian (SEA) giants continue with its sublime momentum and register their first victory in the second tour of the DPC SEA 2023. In the post match interview, Talon's prolific support player Chan "Oli" Chon Kien shared his thoughts on the series, learnings from the Lima Major, and more. Talon Esports DPC SEA 2023

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See how Talon Esports and Oli are utilizing their learnings from the Lima Major in DPC SEA 2023 Tour 2

  How was your Lima Major experience? Oli: The experience at Lima Major was pretty good since we got top three -- it is going to be fun. What was it like for Talon to go through so many lower bracket series at the Lima Major? Oli: It was actually pretty fun to go through so many lower bracket series because we learned a lot of things playing against more teams. If we had still continued in the upper bracket, we may not have learned those many things. Talon seems to have picked the Leshrac-IO combo from the Lima Major in the SEA DPC 2023 Tour 2 -- something which you weren't doing at the Major. What's your take? Oli: The Leshrac-IO strategy is really good because Gaimin Gladiators won the Lima Major because of it and we just learned from them. What other things did you learn that made Talon Esports better during the lower bracket run at the Major? Oli: Firstly, we learned about our hero pool problems. Tiny was becoming more popular after our games. At first we didn't really pick it because there's so much scaling to do and we didn't feel that good but as the Major progressed and we saw other teams playing the hero, we felt pretty good. Secondly, we also learned the strategy of other teams. Talon's draft is more strategic now as compared to the drafts at the Major. What caused the change? Oli: It's because of the patch and some heroes aren't that good for first or second pick, so we had to change the draft. In the earlier patch we could just first pick Lina and Furion, but that isn't the case now. Has the patch changed anything for the supports? Oli: The current patch is pretty much the same for supports -- nothing really to buff or nerf -- it's still the same. We'll have to wait for another patch. Who are your favourites to make it to the Berlin Major from 2023 DPC SEA Tour 2 [except Talon Esports]? Oli: Geek Slate and Team SMG. What was the crowd experience like at the Lima Major? Oli: The crowd was so hyped and cheerful.
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