TI 2023 List of Qualified Teams

All teams qualified for The International 2023 (TI12)

Abe Gottesman 2023-09-01 03:02:02

The International 2023 qualified teams are all now locked-in. The twenty rosters that will be attending the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year are the following:  

All teams qualified for The International 2023 through the DPC



9Pandas received their TI12 spot when the DPC minimum points requirement was lowered to 901. The Eastern-European squad had great performances at their regional Tours and a decent showing at the ESL Berlin Major.  

Talon Esports

Talon also automatically qualified to TI12 when the DPC point threshold got lowered to 901 points. The Southeast Asian team had accrued enough points throw the Tours and decent finishes at both previous majors.  

Team Spirit

Yet another Eastern European representative who qualified by having more than the new minimum of 901 DPC points. Consistently decent placement at their regional tours and a win in the final one gave them 1020 points.  

BetBoom Team

After a win in the first round of the playoff bracket at the Bali Major, BetBoom have qualified to TI. The Russian team took down Tundra Esports in dominant fashion with a 2-0 series win.  

Shopify Rebellion

The ex-Evil Geniuses roster, now playing under the Shopify Rebellion banner, has qualified for The International 2023. Shopify Rebellion is the first North American team, and fourth team overall, to qualify for TI12 after accruing 1170 DPC points -- ten points above the 1160 threshold.  

Tundra Esports

The reigning The International 2022 (TI11) champions are the fifth team to qualify for TI12. They accrued 1160 DPC points with their performance throughout the DPC season and qualified to defend their throne for a second time at The International 2023. Tundra Esports is the third European team to qualify for TI12 via the DPC WEU region.  

Team Liquid

(Image via Team Liquid)

Team Liquid was the first squad to secure their spot at TI12. The European powerhouse hasn't managed to win any Majors this year, but their consistent (top 2 at every single tournament they've attended since the year began) gave them more than enough points to qualify.

Gaimin Gladiators

  They were the second team to qualify for The International 2023. Another stacked European roster (with Quinn as the NA representative, of course) is heading into TI as likely the biggest favorites to win it all after their impressive domination at the Majors.
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Evil Geniuses

  The South American squad, a change which marked a major departure in the organization's Dota 2 approach, got over the 1221 requirement in the third Tour of the South American DPC.
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Consistent top-four finishes and qualifications for bigger tournaments have given them a steady streak of points and have proven to be enough to net them a spot at The International 2023.  

Regional Qualifiers



TI12 NA Qualifier(image via nouns)

The nouns join Shopify Rebellion and TSM as the third North American team to qualify. They headed into the regional qualifiers as the top ranked team from the region according to the DPC and confortably won the entire competition.  

Keyd Stars and Thunder Awaken

  The South American qualifier brought us two new seeds to join EG at The International 2023. Keyd Stars surpassed expectations by breezing  through the upper bracket with a single game loss, while Thunder Awaken managed to qualify through the lower-bracket.  

Entity and Quest Esports

Teams Qualified Ti12(Image Via Quest Esports)

The Western Europe qualifier also had two slots available, solidifying the region as the most represented at TI12 with five teams. Quest Esports pulled off their dream run from their insane performance at the Bali Major with a lower-bracket win, while Entity shocked the world by blasting through the upper-bracket.  


  VP's qualification takes Eastern Europe to three seeds at TI12. The team were the clear favorites heading into the Regional Qualifier and showed us a comfortable victory.  

Azure Ray

  Azure Ray maintained their momentum from the Bali Major run and managed to beat all their opposition on their way to The International 2023. They join PSG.LGD as the second Chinese representative in Seattle.  

Team SMG

  Last but not least come the South East Asian representatives. They join Talon Esports, giving the region two representatives at the tournament. Team SMG were officially the last team to qualify to TI12 and finished off the twenty rosters that will play in Seattle. Were the any surprise qualifications that you didn't see coming? Who do you have as favorites to win The International 2023?
Featured image courtesy of Valve. Keep and eye on our Dota 2 directory for everything related to TI12.

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