Arteezy on the new patch: “We’ll get some nerdy sh*t coming out.”

Mush 2023-04-27 09:04:14
  Ted "Pyrion" Forsyth got the chance to interview Artour "Arteezy" Babaev after Shopify Rebellion on the ESL ONE Major Berlin 2023 broadcast. The position 1 star went deep into how the new meta has impacted most teams and on how Dota is becoming "nerdy sh*t". Artour, that second game in particular looked like a close one. Yeah, it looked like our game 1 against Tundra a little bit. Although we didn't tap out at minute 17, we were mentally tapped out at minute 17. Sometimes you just have the wrong read of what you're supposed to pick or do in the game, and it just snowballs out of control. Talking of snowballs, Tal "Fly" Aizik had the record for assists at 13 mins of that game. You guys never stopped and it looks like now,  when I see the carry farming, in previous patches you'd just be hitting creeps, yet now you're just rotating bot. What's going on? It's too easy to connect. You can just be farming, then you move for like 5 seconds- because especially at night you move faster- you get to the portal, TP for 3.5 seconds. Suddenly you are in the opposite side of the map, there is some teamfight, you get the assist gold or the last-hits. Then you can go back to the portal [to go back to farm]. It's too easy right now.
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[The new patch has] so many objectives that you get to snowball the game even harder. True. I know a lot of players don't like the abundance of objectives on the map. There's so many things to do that you kind of have to weigh which one matters the most, so it can lead to disorganized teams be even more disorganized. You had chaos into a team that is already having issues, so it benefits teams that already have their "affairs" in order. [Dota] is becoming more of a nerdy game. Before [this patch], these variables didn't exist. The map kind of was the same for many years, so now you throw all these variables in and no one knows what the most efficient move is, so it's going to take some time for [that efficiency] to come out. But I honestly feel like Dota, these days, is very accelerated. People find things out very fast. I imagine that, in about a month, we'll figure out what the most optimal [move is]. We'll get some nerdy sh*t coming out.
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