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KarY 2020-07-14 04:20:19
  Before we jump into the weekly, we'd like to mention we will be plugging our weekly podcast into the mix.  The official topic of this week is Trial by Twitter.  Please enjoy. DOTA 2 Unfortunately, we missed last week’s ESH Weekly, and for that we are extremely apologetic. Sometimes real life does get in the way of work. *sic* To summarize few of the key events in the last ten days or so, we’ve had a few voluntary retirements in esports as a whole. Veteran host Paul “Redeye” Chaloner stepped down from his position as the Managing Director of Code Red Esports as well as left the esports scene entirely, owing to misconduct and abuse of power allegations as well as coming close to committing suicide Toby “TobiWan” Dawson issued a so-called non-apology apology statement that made him look like he wasn’t apologetic at all for what he had done in the past and that allegedly his personal history was being stripped of all context and “fictionalized”. Oh, to add to it, he ceases to have any public image whatsoever in esports aka retirement. Another one bites the dust! Editor’s note: There have been other false allegations levied against personalities all across esports which have been determined as cases taken out of context.  Dota 2’s The International 10 is close to $28,000,000 in prize-money, with only Treasure 1, Collector’s Cache and the now expired Battle Pass bundle. Considering other treasures release pending, it won’t be surprising if the previous year’s record is broken, yet again. After a long long time, a new patch update has been finally released and has once again made things exciting around the Dota 2 scene. Without going into details, you can check the updates here itself. That’s pretty much it for Dota 2 this time around since there’s dearth in tournaments at the moment, however, viewers will have a lot to watch in the coming days as soon as OGA DOTAPIT S2 begins its EU/CIS and Americas contest July 16 onwards. Other ongoing tournaments can be found here.   Valorant: 1.03 Patch update went live with a lot of modifications on Valorant. The purpose of this update is to address plenty of problems and to improve the map and the features. Devs added the Twin Hunter as a new orb in spike rush. Two wolves, that will then search and strike two rivals, are released by capturing this orb.   Devs patched the problem to keep Cypher 's door traps from functioning. In addition, other bugs were fixed to improve the game's quality of life. Read the complete patch notes here Unlike with several other skin lines of Valorant, the latest skins of Elderflame are modified with different forms and can be unlocked by players. Because these skins are the most detailed and intricate in the series, it is no wonder that there are also several very substantial updates, which involve new graphics, sound effects, and finishers. The dragon can air fire and play a part while reloading. These skins are the first skin of the game "Ultra-Edition." The skins appear to be eligible for arms and a knife from the truck. The new skins are not accessible at a reasonable price. The Skins of Elderflame are $100 for the entire package. The release of this weapon-skin roared a wave of Twitter comments, especially for its unreasonable high price.   League of Legends The LCS had some strange happenings as Dignitas subbed in their Academy players Dardoch into the jungle and Fenix in mid lane. The team looked in great disarray and there seems to be little hope from the community that they will be able to reign things in as the race for playoffs approaches. As many have repeated, Team Liquid look like the worst 6-2 team to start the weekend, but with two wins, with their last game being relatively clean against Golden Guardians. The biggest news has to be the multitude of upsets, with Dignitas winning against FlyQuest, Immortals defeating TSM and 100 Thieves beating the undefeated Cloud9. The match of C9 vs 100T was a complete stomp from 100T, as their jungler Contractz took over the game with Olaf and an ending scoreline of 10/1/7.   Editor’s Take   If nothing else, it’s safe to say the past two weeks have been disappointing—primarily learning of the incapability of professionals to keep their hands off people, especially minors. Love is nuanced and morality is complicated, but there’s certain behaviors that should be ingrained into each decent human being. We must all do our best not just to do better for ourselves, but to call out poor behavior where we see it.  Gone are the days where I could boast of my industry’s unique, wholesome inclusivity and barrier of entry to family and other outsiders.  But I’d rather lift the veil and fix things than live a lie, so let’s do our best. Not all is doom & gloom, though.  We were able to catch up with my good friend and (now) industry reporting veteran Jacob Wolf, which you can check out here
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