Chinese-Korean League drama: Qingtian apologises for ‘inting’ Faker’s ranked game

EsportsHeaven 2022-03-11 03:30:24
  Top Esports’ Qingtian has officially issued an apology to Faker for inting in the Korean League of Legends ranked game while being on his team. An upset Faker has been quite vocal and expressed his anger on professional Chinese League of Legends players inting Korean ranked games and ruining the experience. However, according to a weibo post, Top Esports issued the following statement: We've detected Qingtian's behaviour, and spoke to him about it. We will cooperate with the league in investigating this matter, and based on the league's punishment rules, we will deduct his salary this month. It is the club's belief that professional players should abide with good moral conduct while playing in order to foster a better gaming environment. The club also plans to increase supervision and training for players. Pretty much a self explanatory statement issued by the Chinese organisation above. Qingtian also had the following to say: I deeply realise my mistake, as a professional player I should be more conscious in upholding the game environment, I will accept all of the league and the club's punishments. Here, I would like to apologise to all professional players who were in the same game as me, I am sorry, I will take every game seriously in the future. Faker had the unfortunate luck to have Qingtian on his side during a ranked game on the Korean server where the latter inted his way through constantly and trying to surrender at various instances during the game. After finding out Qingtian’s identity, the complaint was elevated to the LCK officials in the hopes of some action being taken. To the unaware, professional League of Legends players are assigned a ‘super’ account that allows them to play on servers across different continents, and Qingtian was one such player, but on the wrong side of the grass.
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