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Coldzera at Copenhagen Major: “I’m enjoying playing Counter-Strike again”

EsportsHeaven 2024-04-08 02:30:16

Marcelo "coldzera" David and co., Legacy, have graciously bowed out of the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 with a 0-2 loss against The MongolZ. In the post-match exit interview, Coldzera reflects on Legacy's journey at the Major and talks about what lies ahead for them.
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First things first, you are out of the major. I'm sure that is a tough pill to swallow. What's going through your mind right now? I think that's kind of a little bit fine. I think we are just growing as a team and it was a good campaign as well from us but we screwed up a little bit in the game against Cloud9. I think that gets it a little bit into our heads. So it was like a little bit of frustration, especially against Gamer Legion. Afterwards, we had a huge comeback against Apeks, so we had a good mentality. But against MongolZ, it was a little bit hard. They played a very good game. We had a chance to close Ancient but we lost so many rounds that we weren’t supposed to lose like two force buys, etc. That’s how life is and we just get better for the next one. It sounds like you’re still taking positives away from this major experience. 2-3 in the Swiss format, it definitely could have been a lot worse. Do you want to speak more on that and what Legacy could look like going forward? Yes, I think it was a good experience for the kids as well. So next, I changed to an agile, and I changed for an outburst, it was the first important tournament that we played and we had to get a little bit used to it. Overall I think we did a good job. Of course, we want to win but that’s how life is. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but the only thing which matters is how you’re going to digest the match, the experience, etc., so I think we did a good job, but maybe next time. It has been crazy to watch the trajectory of your career. Many of us met you for the first time in 2015 and shortly after, you reached the highest heights of Counter-Strike. Since then you’ve been hopping rosters and now you’ve got this very promising project. What do you think? Of course, I had good periods, like highs and lows, but I think with boys, it’s nice to play with them. They are super talented as well. They just need a little bit more experience, be more calm, and not feel so pressured to perform well. I’m having a lot of fun with them and enjoying playing Counter-Strike again. So that’s a good thing. Commiserations, you’re out of the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major. Anything you’d like to say? I would like to thank everybody for watching and cheering us. Sorry, we didn’t qualify but we’ve got to do our best for the next one. Much love.

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