Daizi On Chengdu’s Dynamic, Junker Queen, And More

Volamel 2022-09-08 05:57:27

Coming off the back of a promising 2021, the Chengdu Hunters added rookie tank ace Ni "Daizi" Yuandong to their starting roster for the debut of Overwatch 2. With experience on a slew of amateur Chinese teams and the Chengdu Hunters' academy team, Daizi not only has shown he can compete, but he provides the necessary security for the Hunters as they approach the playoffs. Daizi spoke to Esports Heaven about the differences in team dynamics, how the western and eastern styles differ and more!  Author's Note: The interview with Daizi was conducted prior to the start of the Summer Showdown.
Fans of Overwatch Contenders may remember you from your time on Team Chaser, but you’ve been playing competitively for a while now. How is Chengdu’s culture or team atmosphere different from teams you’ve worked with in the past?  The stress is definitely higher because the opponents were never this tough before. After I entered Overwatch League, it felt like fierce competition is everywhere. If I let my guard down even slightly, I’ll fall behind. As this is your rookie season in the Overwatch League, could you talk a little about your experience so far? Were you nervous at first? Was it always a goal of yours to reach the league? When I first joined, I was fairly confident in my skills, but I learned that over-confidence can lead me to lose myself and I learned that sometimes I’m insufficient. I need to slowly realize these truths, and step by step improve myself.  What do you think was one of the biggest struggles the Chengdu Hunters had during the Kickoff Clash? Where do you think the Hunters excelled the most?  I think the Hunters are a team that needs (works off) momentum. I trust my teammates a lot. During practice and in-game, their mentality is great, so I hope we can maintain that high momentum for every game. We saw similar styles of Overwatch being played both in the east and in the west, but just to differing degrees. What did you think is unique about the APAC region's take on the Midseason Madness?  The eastern (APAC) division is very detailed about team dynamics and cooperation, whereas the west’s style is more aggressive. Outside of the Hunters, who do you think is leading the APAC region right now? Is there a team that you think will give you guys trouble and why? Seoul Dynasty. At least from my perspective Seoul gives me the most stress (pressure), so we like to target their tank. Are you a fan of the move to one tank in Overwatch 2? What has been the hardest thing to learn moving to this new environment?  I really enjoy Overwatch 2. It feels like 2 tanks merged into one main hero. The gameplay is cool; it’s more dependent on the player’s personal mechanics and I prefer to win fights based on personal [skills or mechanics]. 
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What are your thoughts on the new hero announced, Junker Queen? Do you think she’ll be good enough to play in the Overwatch League? Junker Queen is OP, and I really praise, praise, praise these types of tanks. If she wasn’t strong, she wouldn’t be the queen of the league.  Lastly, what does success mean to you this season? Are there any goals you hope to meet this season?  Finally, thank you to all the fans for noticing (or supporting) me, we will work our hardest to make you proud.
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