Deth on Team D, playing for Neon at SG Major & more

KarY 2021-04-21 07:26:45
  Yang "Deth" Wu sat down with Esports Heaven for a quick chat discussing about his role at The Singapore Major with Neon Esports, his expectations and synchronization with the team, their amazing run at the competition and the unfortunate incident with Team D in DPC SEA Season 2.  
Interview conducted by Arthur Leon
Hi Deth, first of all, thanks for taking out your time for this interview and congratulations on your run with OB.Neon at the Major. We all knew the story of how you all come together. But what about your feelings and expectations when you knew you were going to be competing at the Major with them? Honestly I had no real expectations; I just wanted to get through the first day of playing with them and make it to the playoffs. I felt like I really didn't want to let them down and also try to prove myself at the same time. What are your thoughts about OB.Neon from your observation in their Upper Division games and was there anything that caught you by surprise when you were with them? Haha to be honest I didn't really watch many of their games, I knew they were a funky team that swapped heroes and roles around, but that's about the extent of my knowledge of them. I think I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were as a team, I met them sometimes in pubs and I knew they were good players, but how good they were as a team was totally surprising for me. From a viewer perspective, it seemed like you were totally synchronized with OB.Neon as if you've been together with them for years. What do you think the reasons are for this?  I think as a player, I always wanted to play really fast and they were a team that enabled that side of me. Since they were also a team that could play fast, I think things just naturally clicked.

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What was your biggest takeaway from the run at Major? Was there ever a “light bulb” moment for you that brought you new ideas to the game? I don't think I really had new ideas to the game or brought anything really new to the table. I just played as I usually would and the heroes I played were familiar to me as well. We all learned about the unfortunate incident you had with Team D in the Open Qualifier run for Season 2 SEA Lower Division, I’m very sorry to hear that, could you share with us your plan after this, and meanwhile how do you keep yourself at the best condition to compete? Well the plan is the same as always, try to find a team to join. I think maintaining at the best condition is a really tricky thing, sometimes it's really hard to understand what keeps you at your best. For me, I think I'll just try to play pubs from time to time and try to think of new ideas to have more impact from the offlane role. Finally, I’d like to wrap this up with one final question. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you’ve reminded everyone of your name and ability again with your outstanding performance at the Major, what can we expect from you coming up next?  I hope I'll be picked up from a good team and try to repeat the same performance at another major! Till then, I'll be terrorizing pubs with some weird offlane heroes (sic). Thank you for your time again Deth, wish you all the best in your future endeavours!
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