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EHOME replaces vtFaded with Sylar

KarY 2019-11-28 05:33:38
  Ehome replaces vtFaded with Sylar to fill the vacant spot left by the former, as per the registration page. The reason for bringing in Jiajun "Sylar" Liu to the fold may be due to the wealth of experience he brings to the table. Not long ago, Jia Hao "vtFaded" Cheng was in the spotlight when he publicly made it known about his departure from EHOME. In a Facebook post, he pointed out towards the ill treatment and undue mental pressure meted out to him by Ning "xiao8" Zhang -- former TI winner and EHOME's coach. EHOME has brought in an old guard in the form of Sylar -- a player that has been in the scene since the early DotA days. Early in the day, Sylar was one of the top carry players alongside Burning and Zhou. Having played for LGD, Vici Gaming and most recently Team Aster -- it'll be interesting to see how this roster shapes up especially with patch 7.23 that has already been shipped to the game. EHOME will now be vying for a spot at the DreamLeague Leipzing Major 2019 and are currently playing in the open qualifiers for China. The current EHOME roster is the following: EHOME
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