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Fnatic hire March as coach for The International 2019

KarY 2019-07-17 08:39:18
  Park "March" Tae-won has gone back to coaching post his brief stint with Team Jinesbrus, according to sources. This time around he'll be coaching Fnatic heading into TI9 scheduled to begin next month in Shanghai, China. A year back, March came out of retirement once he completed his mandatory military service in South Korea. He formed MarchOutOfArmy that later on was picked up by J.Storm. However, after a few changes in the roster, March was let go from the team he founded. Later, he joined Team Jinesbrus with Forev, Febby, Gunnar and 23Savage and competed at TI9 qualifiers. Jinesbrus' journey to TI9 fell short as they ended up falling to Mineski in the grand finals of the SEA regional qualifiers. It'll be interesting to see how Fnatic fares under his leadership considering their recent roster change.
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