How To Counter Ana In Overwatch 2

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How to counter Ana in Overwatch 2? Ana is one of the most iconic supports in the Overwatch franchise.  With her impressive range and healing throughput, she feels like the perfect support in nearly any situation. On top of that Nano Boost is one of the better support ultimates at creating opportunities to engage.       

Counter Ana As DPS 

  With Ana's low mobility, flanking heroes like Sombra and Tracer counter Ana really well.  Being able to pressure Ana from a side angle moves her attention away from healing her allies.  Chances are, this also puts Sleep Dart on cooldown as well.  Being able to bait out abilities for free just from the pressure you cause will always be impactful.  Mei actually provides a feature that not many heroes can in Overwatch 2. This is being able to alter the terrain of the map. If Ana can't see her allies, or more importantly, her enemies, she is hamstrung.  On top of that, Mei still does not have damage falloff on her right-click. This allows Mei to threaten Ana from a considerable distance away if you hit your shots.  Long-range hitscan like Hanzo, Ashe or Widowmaker counter Ana as well.  Due to Ana's low mobility, she usually is a stationary target that can play inside sightlines that these heroes can abuse.  While they're more map dependent, the ability to sit back and keep Ana zoned away counters not only her but her team as well.   How To Counter Ana In Overwatch 2  

Counter Ana As Tank

  Ana's biggest cooldown is her Biotic Grenade.  Being able to pause incoming healing to enemy targets places a large target on their backs.  Due to this, D.Va is extremely good at countering Ana.  Using Defence Matrix to absorb an incoming Biotic Grenade puts your team at an advantage.  Doomfist counters Ana well due to his comparatively smaller hitbox.  The more mobile tanks have the tendency to get slept by Ana's Sleep Dart as they engage.  Doomfist brings arguably more lethality with a lower chance to be slept as you dive the backline.  Sigma's ability to alter the terrain of the map with his Experimental Barrier is subtly very good at countering Ana.  Being able to block a Biotic Grenade, a Sleep Dart or just wall out Ana makes her near-useless for a few seconds.  Past that, if you're able to close the distance, Ana has to respect the threat of Accretion.
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Counter As Support

  With how much impact Biotic Grenade has, Kiriko is the best counter to Ana as support.  Being able to cleanse offensive Biotic Grenades with Kiriko's Protection Suzu makes countering Ana a breeze.  However, don't think Kiriko is a one-trick pony. Being able to Swift Step and assist with dives onto Ana is another way to limit her.  If you're looking for a counter to Ana with more offensive potential, Zenyatta isn't a terrible shout.  As they're both more stationary heroes, Zenyatta has a better chance of landing his orb volley.  On top of that, Discord Orb was recently buffed as of the July 11th patch increasing its max range and uptime.  Lucio can actually be a pain for Ana to deal with due to where she'll typically stand.  As she is more positionally minded, Lucio can dislodge Ana from her high-ground perch and make her more vulnerable.  This along with his own damage output makes Lucio a solid counter to Ana as well. Hopefully, now you might get a gist on how to counter Ana in Overwatch 2.
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