How To Counter Winston In Overwatch 2

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Overwatch has its staple tanks and Winston might as well be one of those poster children. With some of the most beloved cinematics and a high-tempo playstyle, Winston is one of Overwatch 2 most played tanks, even at the professional level. If you run into a Winston on a Primal Rage, how do you even stop him? How do you counter a Winston ace in Overwatch 2?    

Counter Winston As DPS

  Winston might seem a little oppressive at first glance when aiming to counter him with DPS heroes, but there are picks that can ruin his day.  Reaper and Torbjorn are our go-to picks. Why? Simple: shotguns are great for large hitboxes. Torbjorn's Overload make him even more oppressive thanks to the increased attack speed it gives you. Reaper is another fairly easy pick to put on Winston-busting duty thanks to his mobility and strong defensive cooldown in Wraith Walk.  Cassidy is a new threat that Winston mains will have to pay close attention to thanks to the re-worked Magnetic Grende.  While it might not do as much damage anymore after the June 13th patch, Magnetic Grenade now has a 30% slow and removes the ability for movement-based skills to be activated. This means if you stick Winston, he can't just leap away. While it might seem like a small window, that extra opening is going to net you a ton of value. Just screwing with a Winston's rhythm. Where other flanking DPS get a bit bullied by a strong Winston, Sombra can make his life very stressful. Not only is there plenty of hitbox to spray into but with Hack's minor silence and increased damage, Winston is going to feel the pressure. Expect them to be using Winston's barrier much earlier. When they do, take this as a win and don't try and play too greedy. You've limited his cooldowns and space his team can take up.   

Counter Winston As Tank

  Winston is one of the only tanks that actually allows Roadhog in his current state to be somewhat useful. Remember how we talked about how strong shotguns are against Overwatch heroes with large hitboxes?  Well, Roadhog's got quite a big shotgun among other skills that make Winston's cry worldwide. Being Chain Hooked while attempting to Leap in on an engagement or out of a team fight is a death sentence and something that Winston's are going to have to consider just by your presence.  If Roadhog isn't your speed but want a similar enough playstyle, Junker Queen has a fairly comparable head-to-head against Winston. 
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  Equipped with a shotgun of her own and her own way to interrupt his Leap, Junker Queen is quite a good counter to Winston.  Orisa isn't a terrible choice but you'll have to be quick on your feet. Often times Winston players will Leap towards your team without using their barrier during the jump.  This leaves them susceptible to getting speared out of the air. However, if they begin to either maneuver past you, you may find that Orisa can actually be quite difficult. We'd recommend you proceed with caution with Orisa.  When you're looking for a counter on more vertical maps, either on defense or offence, D.Va is one pick that is often slept on.  With the ability to create enough pressure on her own to force him off key high-ground positions, the ability to interrupt his Leap and her own offensive pressure to dive her own targets, D.Va is a great counter to Winston.  One of the newest additions to the Overwatch cast provides a simple counter to Winston as well. Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex provides a versatile tool to root the raging scientists. Ramattra's vortex allows him not only a proactive ability to limit when Winston can engage, but it can also be used reactively to further punish Winston as he's trying to leave the fight.   

Counter Winston As Support

  Oh, support. What a cornucopia of counters to pick from. Ana is almost never a bad option. While at first glance she'll seem like a rather immobile support that should be a target of Winston's ire, but Sleep Dart puts a wrench into a lot of his plans. Brigitte is another counter to think about if your interested in keeping the Winston off key positions.  Whip Shot, much like Ana's Sleep Dart, is an easy response to Winston's Leap as most players don't want to barrier the entirety of his jump in.  This not only gives you the option to knock him back but if you opt to let Winston in, you're free tohit him as he'll be right within your effective range.  And with the April 11th patch to Overwatch 2, they've given Brigitte her stun back when Rallying! Even more of a reason to pick her into Winston.  Lucio, much like Brigitte, can help by displacing Winston, but on top of that, he can help his team reposition quickly. Being able to Speed Boost your team away from Winston is a simple, yet effective, way of countering Winston. 
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